IP CamSecure

IP CamSecure 1.35

Manages the cameras in the user's surveillance system
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Displays the images captured by the cameras from your surveillance system and automatically discovers missing objects from camera feeds, detects movement, identifies foreign object and warns about camera occlusion.

Powerful Surveillance Management Software
LevelOne has developed intelligent and advanced featured surveillance management software that compliments our digital IP Surveillance Cameras. Features such as a Smart Guard system and Smart Search system allows for general monitoring of motion, missing objects, foreign objects and camera occlusion.

This Smart Guard and Smart Search system is currently the most advanced surveillance software available in the surveillance market.

Smart Guard and Smart Search
The most exciting new features of the IP CamSecure software are the Foreign Object and Missing Object reporting feature. When monitoring an area, any foreign objects that do not belong there, such as bags, boxes, cars and people will trigger an alarm. So too is the Missing Object feature a valuable inclusion to monitor specific objects within a monitoring area. Once these objects are removed, an alarm is triggered notifying users about unsolicited activity.

Instant Actions and Notifications
IP CamSecure has several notification features that enable a surveillance system to monitor and report on certain activities. Notification includes on-screen display, sounding alert, e-mail alert, phone call alert, digital signal out and P/T/Z pre-set go.

Dual Monitoring Function
The Dual Monitoring function enables IP CamSecure to display a multitude of cameras on two screens simultaneously. On one screen up to 64 channels can be viewed with the second screen displaying only the highlighted cameras for quick monitoring. The second screen can also be used to playback recorded segments while the primary screen maintains live viewing capability.

Improve Image Quality
IP CamSecure includes several important image enhancing features to get better image quality when recorded images are played back. The video enhancement tool is crucial in investigating security related imagery necessary for face and object recognition.

Optimized Surveillance
Most surveillance systems still rely on traditional analogue CCTV Cameras for monitoring protected areas. To incorporate both digital IP Cameras and analogue CCTV Cameras in one system not only maximizes efficiency but also adds digital surveillance functionality.

LevelOne IP CamSecure enables users to use both digital and analogue cameras in one system for maximizing surveillance investment without immediate replacement of currently used systems. The surveillance software supports digital and analogue to provide a complete monitoring and surveillance management system.

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